Corporate Identity


Proven methods of research, brand development and the final stages of refinement allow us to execute world-class design solutions for your brand.



A strong brand requires thought, strategy, research, and most importantly – planning. When you can identify who your company is, what you are trying to say, and who your target market is, you have done the groundwork for creating a successful brand.

  • Who is your target audience? (Age groups, genders, and traits)
  • What will set your brand apart from others?
  • What is your competition doing successfully?
  • What will keep your customers coming back for more?
  • How do you want to be perceived by the public?




We work with you to determine which branding strategies best suit your needs. Once we know what business you are truly in and what message you want to convey, we look at how best to convey that message.

  • What it the meaning behind the name?
  • Identify & prioritize the important drivers of the brand.




When polishing the design, every decision must be cohesive and successful. Details like color choices and typefaces are important components in a successful branding project. Your identity should be clean, engaging and easy for consumers to understand.




The final logo is now brought to life through a vectorization process.  We outline the design creating a file that allows us to utilize the logo across all the possible applications where your brand design is needed.  These steps ensure your logo is crisp, completely usable and easily sharable.




Now that you have an identity established, it’s time to expand into other mediums and materials. Everything that will be seen or used must feel like they are part of the same brand.



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