Art Direction

Art Direction & Interface Design

"We love the UI in the IRONMAN movies, but we want to make it for real!"


Hyper Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement (HIVE)


Working closely with an experienced development team, we designed innovative ground-control solutions for satellite operation.  I explored concept art & design directions creating a highly refined visual design language modeled after futuristic, cinematic movie concepts.  I created rapid prototypes and animated visuals with detailed style-guides for an accurate hand-off to development.










Take a look at a few different initial directions.  Elements and styles were eventually combined, and mix-n-matched to achieve the final design language.



Hypergiant Might Be The Real-Life Version Of Marvel's Stark Industries

April 2020

At a time when all of the energy and resources of the planet are focused on our very real terrestrial problems, Hypergiant is a unique AI enterprise that is looking to space for the answers we need here on earth.


SPACE INNOVATION: Hypergiant's New AI-Driven Remote Satellite Operations (aka H.I.V.E) Keeps Eyes on the Sky

May 2020

CEO Ben Lamm says the mission control software can operate entire satellite constellations from mobile phones in the field. That remote capability is particularly important for critical operations at government and commercial flight operation centers in a pandemic.


Hypergiant Industries announces the H.I.V.E. (Hyper Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement) Fleet Operations Platform for Commercial, Defense and Government Customers

May 2020

AI-driven software system enhances existing ground control platforms to maximize and augment critical information flow for autonomous satellite operations and management


A new way to control satellites

May 2020

A new tool for satellite operators could allow one ground controller to keep an eye on dozens of spacecraft at once.


Austin’s Hypergiant Industries aims to build space supply chain

May 2020

Austin-based artificial intelligence company Hypergiant Industries is looking to streamline the business of space with its Galactic Systems division. The company is looking to launch and manage satellite systems and the resulting data for clients in a range of industries.


Hypergiant Unveils New Data Processing Tool for Ground-Based Satellite Control Systems

May 2020

Hypergiant Industries has launched a new product designed to help organizations augment ground control systems that deliver information to autonomous satellites.


Hypergiant Partners with the U.S. Air Force to Develop the Chameleon Constellation, an Updatable Satellite System

May 2020

“The new space race is here and is being driven by both innovations in hardware and software.  The industry is at a transition point shifting from a predominantly hardware industry to one that is being advanced and innovated through software.”

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Product Design

Product Design & Art Direction

"We need a new 5-star app!"


Driver Delivery


Every other delivery app was created for the end-users ordering take-out, or a grocery run.  Skipcart is designed for drivers.  It is dangerous enough just being on the roads everyday, so we made this app extremely easy to use without any extra confusion.

Delivery drivers want just one thing; money!  The main section of this app scans and searches the local area for new deliveries.  The system offers each job to the nearest driver with current availability.  Offers are limited-time only.  Drivers can accept or decline any offer presented to them.  Declining too many will lower the driver's rating and Skipcart will eventually stop sending offers.

Visually this app needs to be super-simple and very clean.  Although we encourage drivers NOT to use the app while actually driving, I did introduce larger fonts and larger buttons in an effort to minimize screen-consumption time.  Once we learned that drivers are actually interacting with the app while they're on the road, it became a priority to present these screens with very-easy-to-read elements, layouts and designs.

Initial art directions were proposed and the final design language is a beautiful combination of all the best elements from each look-and-feel.  I stuck close to the original brand of Skipcart.  Dark blue was the original base color.  We shifted the main color to white, and the lighter, more vibrant blue is now an accent color.








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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity


Proven methods of research, brand development and the final stages of refinement allow us to execute world-class design solutions for your brand.



A strong brand requires thought, strategy, research, and most importantly – planning. When you can identify who your company is, what you are trying to say, and who your target market is, you have done the groundwork for creating a successful brand.

  • Who is your target audience? (Age groups, genders, and traits)
  • What will set your brand apart from others?
  • What is your competition doing successfully?
  • What will keep your customers coming back for more?
  • How do you want to be perceived by the public?




We work with you to determine which branding strategies best suit your needs. Once we know what business you are truly in and what message you want to convey, we look at how best to convey that message.

  • What it the meaning behind the name?
  • Identify & prioritize the important drivers of the brand.




When polishing the design, every decision must be cohesive and successful. Details like color choices and typefaces are important components in a successful branding project. Your identity should be clean, engaging and easy for consumers to understand.




The final logo is now brought to life through a vectorization process.  We outline the design creating a file that allows us to utilize the logo across all the possible applications where your brand design is needed.  These steps ensure your logo is crisp, completely usable and easily sharable.




Now that you have an identity established, it’s time to expand into other mediums and materials. Everything that will be seen or used must feel like they are part of the same brand.



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